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40 sets of equipments shipped to South Africa Liugong into the South African coal marketstrongly

Mar 15, 2019

         40 sets of equipments shipped to South Africa Liugong into the South African coal marketstrongly


On March 11, 2019, the launching ceremony of 40 equipments for key customers of Liugong South Africa was held in Liuzhou, Guangxi. This is a highlight of Liugong's South African market in the first quarter of 2019, and it is also a good opportunity for Liugong to open the South African coal market.


A few weeks ago, Liugong South Africa's subsidiary know that a large customer who had long-term cooperation with Liugong had recently acquired a large coal mine in South Africa, and needed to purchase 26 sets of 5 tons of high-loading loaders at one time. After receiving the news, Liugong South Africa subsidiary cooperated with Liugong Headquarters Large Project Management Committee and Liugong International Business Department, Loader Company, Zhongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. and other departments, and took only 5 days to successfully win 26 The 856H is equipped with high loader orders, and in the case of urgent need for equipment construction, the production is stepped up and the equipment is shipped smoothly.


 Liugong's customer-oriented rapid response mechanism makes customers praise. The customer said: They have been working with Liugong, not only the good quality equipment of Liugong, but also because Liugong can meet the needs of customers and never let The customer is disappointed.


Up to now, the customer has purchased 67 sets of equipment in Liugong. In addition, Liugong South Africa subsidiary has received orders for excavators and road rollers from this type of key customers this year, a total of 40 sets of equipment, the equipment shipped this time is one of them.

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