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The new mobile crushing station brings good news to Haikou construction waste recycling

Aug 22, 2019

Haikou is located in the tropics and has diverse tropical resources. It is a coastal city with a seashore and natural scenery. In the past two years, the renovation project of shanty towns in Hainan Province has gradually started. Many urban villages are facing demolition, and the large amount of construction waste generated after demolition has become an urgent problem to be solved in Hainan's cities.


The traditional treatment of construction waste is transported by the construction unit to the suburbs or villages, and it is piled up or landfilled in the open air. However, this will not cure the land and will not only occupy the land but also pollute the environment. Recently, a new member came from a demolition project in Haikou. Its arrival has given people confidence in the treatment of construction waste. Abandoned stone, concrete block, gypsum and other construction waste are poured into the mouth of the machine by the forklift, and after being crushed and sieved,it becomes a regenerative aggregate of three sizes of 0-31.5mm, realizing waste turning into treasure. . This “new member” is a mobile construction waste treatment equipment that integrates process equipment such as material receiving, crushing and conveying. It has excellent performance in crushing, aggregate production and open-air operation through optimization of process flow. The advantages of simple structure, convenient movement, stable and reliable operation are deeply loved by construction waste treatment projects.

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Rogers Zhang