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Attention of rebar cutting machine

Mar 01, 2016

1.This machine must be assembled in the power source which has three-phase leakage protective device, the fuselage must be earthed reliably, its resistance value is not bigger than 4 ohms; the gasoline engine please refers the gasoline engine operating instructions.


2. The power line and the electrical machinery, switch must be connected reliably, in and after the work should always be checked, in order to prevent the electrical machinery from getting heated or burned down, which caused by loosen bolt; (This product carries out 3 protecting, guarantee to keep 3 months, except the damage because of not inspecting the electrical machinery user himself).


3. Before use, please read the instruction carefully, carry on the operation strictly according to the instruction.


4. Please contact us if it has problems in the non-instruction scope.


5. This product carries out 3 protecting, guarantee to keep 6 months, except the vulnerable.


6. Forgive not to notice, if there is change in the product and its instruction parameter.


7. This instruction picture provides the reference only, please take real object as to allow.


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Rogers Zhang