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International Capacity Cooperation Overseas Contracting Engineering and Construction Machinery Cooperation Forum Successfully Held

Sep 11, 2019

On September 6th, the International Capacity Cooperation Overseas Contracting Engineering and Engineering Machinery Cooperation Forum and Silk Road Center Leading Talents Entering BICES 2019” jointly sponsored by Silk Road International Capacity Cooperation Promotion Center and China Construction Machinery Industry Association at Beijing New National Exhibition Held. More than 200 well-known enterprises from the upstream and downstream of engineering contracting and engineering machinery and representatives of Silk Road leading enterprises gathered together to discuss the development of the “One Belt and One Road” group, and jointly cooperated with overseas contracted projects and engineering machinery to develop a new future.


This forum event is one of the important activities in the 15th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES 2019). As an international exhibition event with great influence in the field of engineering and construction machinery. BICES 2019 brings together the elites of China's construction machinery industry, with thousands of exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world.


Su Zimeng, executive vice president and secretary general of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in his speech that under the new era, China Construction Machinery Industry Association shoulders the mission of serving the overall economic and social development of the country, fulfilling the two major responsibilities of supporting the government and leading the industry. Services, reflecting appeals, standardizing behavior, and promoting harmony. BICES 2019 fully demonstrates the struggle and achievements of the construction machinery industry in the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It has experienced the three characteristics of “new, high and complete” and is an exciting and fruitful industry event. It is hoped that through the forum activities, engineering machinery enterprises and overseas engineering companies will be promoted to “go global” and provide better services to the global market.


Xie Yangjun, director of the Silk Road International Capacity Cooperation Promotion Center, said that the construction machinery industry in the first half of 2019 was developing steadily and showing growth. This was not only due to the increase in domestic infrastructure demand, but also benefited from the “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure cooperation. Continue to pull. The state promotes international capacity cooperation through “six grippers”, including promoting and implementing spatial layout, major capacity cooperation projects, financial support, policy support, commissioning coordination mechanisms, and bridging to the sea. The Silk Road Leading Project is a talent training platform for entrepreneurs who participate in the “Belt and Road” construction to learn together and make progress together. It is also a pragmatic cooperation platform for enterprise resources to connect and hold the group to the sea. Today, the leaders of the Silk Road walked into the construction machinery exhibition, hoping to join hands with the engineering machinery peers to carry out the development of the group and jointly promote the construction of the “Belt and Road”.


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