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Digital hydraulic power engineering machinery change lane overtaking

Aug 01, 2019

On July 26th, 2019, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan Science and Technology Department, Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office, Tsinghua Alumni Association Advanced Manufacturing Professional Committee, Hunan Tsinghua Alumni Association, Changsha City Industrial and Information Technology Bureau , Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Changsha Construction Machinery Industry Chain Promotion Office, Changsha Construction Machinery Industry Association, and the 2019 First Qingxiang Industry Innovation Summit and “Clean” hosted by Sany Group (Sany Yungu) The launching ceremony of Xiangke Chuangxing was officially held. The theme of the summit was “Tsinghua Power, Zhizhi Hunan”, more than 10 academicians from the intelligent manufacturing field, 32 high-quality projects, and more than 500 entrepreneurs participated in the forum to discuss the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry. Professor Yang Shixiang, a special allowance expert of the State Council, a digital hydraulic inventor and founder of Yimeibo, was invited to attend the conference and gave a keynote speech.


Professor Yang pointed out that in the next 20 to 30 years,the Industrial form, working mode, manufacturing technology, work efficiency and energy consumption of construction machinery will be essentially different from the current construction machinery.


China's typical construction machinery enterprises (such as the Sany Group in Hunan) have achieved a market value of 100 billion. Soon, China's construction machinery industry will occupy Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas... Then, the goal of China's construction machinery industry will be to dominate the global construction machinery industry. China's construction machinery market is about 500 billion. To achieve trillions of value in China, I am afraid to monopolize half of the global market. This seems to be MissionImpossible ?


These questions point to the only answer: the future will be the era of “engineering robots” industry development and competition. We need to create a new engineering robot industry and become a leader, and promote the engineering machinery industry to become an engineering robot industry.


Yimeibo digital hydraulic technology will fundamentally change the core components of China's construction machinery industry for a long time, relying on imports. The products and design concepts will follow the foreign situation for a long time, and realize the change of roads in China's construction machinery industry and lead the development of world engineering machinery.



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Rogers Zhang