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Indonesia Jakarta Mining Machinery Exhibition

Sep 21, 2022

Mining Indonesia 2022, Exhibition time: September 14, 2022 ~ September 17, 2022, Exhibition location: Indonesia-Jakarta-Arena JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10620-Indonesia Jakarta Convention and Exhibition Center, Organizer: PT. PAMERINDO, holding cycle: once every two years, the exhibition area is expected to reach 31,370 square meters, the number of exhibitors will reach 13,238, and the number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands will reach 274.

Mining Indonesia is the largest international mining equipment exhibition in Asia, providing a professional platform for the Indonesian mining industry to conduct business. It is held every two years for four days.

According to the data, we can see that Indonesia is a very dynamic market that can continue to attract foreign investment. Since 2009, Indonesia's GDP has grown at an annual rate of 6%, and per capita income has doubled from five years ago. Indonesia is now the 16th largest economy in the world and the largest exporter of thermal coal and refined tin. The explosive growth of Indonesia's mining industry is also due to the addition of more than 100 coal mines in Indonesia in the past 10 years. In addition, Indonesia has many different types of capital. For example, oil, tin, nickel, copper, coal, gold and silver. Indonesia's total coal mining capital has reached 61 billion tons, mainly distributed in Kalimantan and its eastern regions. Most of this area produces thermal coal, and it is also the earliest coal mining capital area established in Indonesia. Mining is very important to Indonesia, and the export of mineral deposits not only contributes greatly to the country's export earnings and the overall economy, but also drives local development and employment rates.

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