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Inspection and use before operation of Impact Rammer

Mar 25, 2016



1) Inspect whether Air Cleaner is blocked before use each time, in order to avoid accelerating the abrasion of engine. 


2) Inspect the position of oil before use each time, in order not to hurt the machine due to lack of oil.


3) Inspect whether all the parts of machine are fastened before use each time, and whether the Fastening Screw is fixed or not.


4) Pay attention to the environment, and avoid hitting machine.


5) Prohibit to use machine on Cement Road and other hard road.


6) If have abnormal sound during the work, must stop to check at once.




1) Put the Rammer in smooth ground.


2) According to the operation instruction of engine, start engine, and use Gasoline Throttle Control Switch to manage the working status.


3) Do not grasp the handle too tight. It is ok as long as it could prevent the machine not lean and control speed of going ahead and direction. Rotate the handle, it could go ahead according to this direction, or also in-situ rotation.


4) When it work normally, pls do not press the handle too much, in order not to avoid the jump height of Rammer.


5) When work in soft stuffing or go upgrade, pls press the handle a little, in order to increase the forward speed.


6) The Rammer is belong to small machine, so the filling should be impacted in layers, and the height of each layer is better to be lower than 150mm. It is ok after 3 times of impact, but could impact more times if have special requirement until to reach the standard.


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Rogers Zhang