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Komatsu Introduces New Wired Electric Hydraulic Excavator

Sep 07, 2022

Komatsu launched the PC138USE-11 corded electro-hydraulic excavator in August 2022. In order to meet customers' needs for continuous long-term use of electro-hydraulic excavators, the excavator is based on Komatsu's century-old technology accumulation, and its working performance is similar to that of fuel engine-driven equipment, while achieving "zero emissions" and significantly reducing noise, vibration and heat. In addition, this is the second wired electro-hydraulic excavator launched by Komatsu in Japan following the launch of the PC78USE-11 in July 2021.

Using an electric motor as the drive source improves job site safety and comfort and helps reduce operator stress. Due to the characteristics of the electric motor, the service life of the vehicle is prolonged, and there is no need to refuel and maintain the engine, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the equipment. Also, unlike the rechargeable electric models, the PC138USE-11 can be powered directly by wire without worrying about battery power, guaranteeing continuous operation for long periods of time. As a result, productivity can be expected to increase in workplaces that require 24-hour operation, such as industrial waste treatment plants.

Komatsu will launch the electric mini excavator "PC30E-5" (battery-powered) in the Japanese domestic market in 2020, and the wired electro-hydraulic excavator "PC78USE-11" in 2021, and will work with partners to develop other models of electrified products. Komatsu's goal is to accelerate the practical application of electric and new energy construction machinery and further promote it in the future.

In the new mid-term management plan "DANTOTSU Value-Together, to'The Next'for sustainable growth", Komatsu proposes to realize the realization of value through DANTOTSU Value (DANTOTSU Value, that is, customer value creation that realizes a virtuous cycle of solving ESG issues and improving profitability). The goal of new value creation is to continuously take new steps towards the realization of future-type sites, striving to pass on a sustainable future to the next generation.

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