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New campus of BRAC University in Bangladesh rises up

Aug 24, 2021

Recently, on the north bank of the Briganga River in the Ganges Delta, a landmark building-the new teaching building of BRAC University in Bangladesh is rising from the ground. In this project, several tower cranes from Zoomlion are operating in an orderly manner. Since entering the project, they have demonstrated the excellent quality made in China with the extremely reliable performance of two years of continuous construction and zero failure.

Bangladesh BRAC University is a university under the Bangladesh Rural Development Council and enjoys a very good teaching reputation in the local area. BRAC University plans to build a 13-story modern teaching building with a main structure of steel to meet higher quality teaching needs. The new teaching building is located in the center of Dhaka, the capital of the country. When completed, it will become a landmark of Dhaka City and will also greatly enhance the hard power of Bangladesh's higher education.

It is understood that the new teaching building was designed by a well-known Singapore architectural design company, with a total construction area of 150,000 square meters. It is one of the few steel-structured buildings in Bangladesh. Many technologies and craftsmanship have been applied for the first time in Bangladesh. The requirements are high. The steel beam part can weigh up to 64 tons, and the requirements for the tower crane, which is mainly responsible for hoisting, are even more stringent. After several rounds of inspections and reviews, the construction party finally decided to use Zoomlion tower cranes as construction equipment.

In this project, Zoomlion 4.0 star product-T1200-64Q ultra-large flat-boom tower crane is used. According to reports, this tower crane has a maximum lifting weight of 64 tons, and has the advantages of high performance, easy transportation, easy assembly and disassembly, intelligent electronic control to ensure safety, and high independent height. It is widely used in large PC buildings, bridges, steel structures, Power construction, stadium construction and other fields. With the ultimate technological innovation concept and excellent product performance, T1200-64Q tower crane has won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 Technology Innovation Gold Award".

As the most important equipment in the construction of BRAC's new teaching building, the T1200-64Q has been under construction for more than two years, and has been highly praised by the project department. The operator said: "In this steel structure building, these tower cranes are undoubtedly the main hoisting equipment. The rotary frequency conversion drive technology of the product makes it run smoothly and accurately in place during operation. It is also equipped with intelligence. Technology has further improved work efficiency and safety."

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