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Rebar upset forging machine, rebar upsetting machine, rebar forging machine

Mar 08, 2017

The machine consists of Cylinder, Hydraulic System, Mate mould & mould clamping system and Electrical box etc.


After the arrival of machine, open the carton and install it horizontally, add 120kgs of hydraulic oils. Power uses three-phase four-wire system according to the national standard. Pay attention to the reliability of "PE" line (ground line) connection. Clean the appearance, track, head, clamping mechanism and oil tank of the machine body.


Turn on the power: before turnning on the power, you should carefully check each operation button, making sure whether the circuit breaker is in a closed position. You cannot supply the power until careful confirmation. Press the button “oil pump opened” to check rotation direction, the right direction has been marked on the oil pump, and the rotation should be light without noise. If rotation direction is wrong, pls adjust the phase power line.


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