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Sany Heavy industry enters the American excavator loader Market

Nov 30, 2021

Juliano Silva, product manager of Sany USA, said: "the price of the function we provide as a standard configuration on the competitive products may exceed US $7000." the heavy bucket with side milling cutter is also a standard configuration. The four in one bucket and telescopic hoe options are currently being tested.

The excavator loader made its debut at the American Leasing Association Exhibition and is expected to go on sale in the spring. Silva said that these specifications are suitable for the rental market, "but it will provide more breakthrough power. We chose a 95 HP engine instead of 74 HP, so that our single product is suitable for most customers, including city, state and federal governments and general contractors."

Sany is also considering adding electro-hydraulic controls, but first, "we need to make sure they are actually used by operators," Silva said."We know this is a stable market," said Gabe Weiss, US marketing director of Sany Heavy Industry. "This also gives Sany a chance to have more complete brand products. This is another tool in our quiver. We look at this issue from the perspective of brand awareness growth."

Like other Chinese OEMs, Sany points out that its products are global machines and parts come from all over the world. "It's really about under hood support and versatility," Weiss said. These include DEUTZ engine (Sany Heavy Industry also uses it in its telescopic boom and wheel loader), ZF gearbox and axle, Kawasaki pump and Carlisle braking system. At present, Sany Heavy Industry is aiming at the north and South American markets with excavators and loaders, and has invested more than 1000 hours on four prototypes.

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