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Say goodbye to the traditional building mode, the module builds a trend

Sep 03, 2019

Along with the rapid development of China's economy, people's requirements for the safety, economy and comfort of the construction industry are getting higher and higher. Under the condition that green buildings were born, new building materials came into being. Through the investigation of new building materials, we learned that the Sinoma module is the safest, most authoritative and cost-effective product on the market, and it is also the largest market share in the Northwest. In just a few months, the Sinoma module has built more than 100 houses, 27 franchised stores, and 17 cities covering the whole country. Especially in the northwest region, the Sinoma module is extremely hot.


When I first heard about the Sinop Eps module, most people may not understand what this is. In fact, the Eps module is a building material made of flame-retardant polystyrene foam. It is a new type of environmentally-friendly building with various specifications of EPS wall material modules made by special equipment and mold heating and pressing. material.


Sinoma EPS module is jointly developed and produced by Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and Sinoma (Xi'an) Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd., and has won many national utility model patents. After the national quality inspection, it is the safest on the market. The most authoritative and cost-effective product.


The houses built with the Sinoma modules are warm in winter and cool in summer, earthquake-resistant and moisture-proof, and have a long building life. Three generations can live for 100 years. Other advantages are also obvious:


(1) The construction period is fast, mainly after the EPS wall is built, and the next wall treatment can be done immediately, while the traditional wall needs to be aired for a while.


(2) The construction cost is low, the labor cost is saved, the materials are saved, and the ordinary people can construct themselves.


(3) Earthquake-resistant fire prevention, the house is reinforced concrete overall cast-in-place, several times stronger than brick, the compressive strength reaches 28Mpa, the wall strength is 7.2 times that of the brick wall, and the insulation layer and the building have the same life. The product is a national B1 fireproof material, and it is Class A fireproof after plastering.


(4) High comfort, cool in winter and cool in summer, anti-seismic and moisture-proof, actual test, without heating facilities, the outdoor is less than ten degrees, the indoor is less than ten degrees, and the summer is dry and cool.


(5) The low cost of living can save thousands of heating and cooling costs per year.


(6) Green energy conservation, saving energy and reducing emissions for the country. It conforms to the national revitalization policy of “eco-livable and rural civilization”.


After a detailed understanding of the advantages of the Sinoma module building, Xiaobian finally understood why the Sinoma module building can be popular in Shaanxi. Because of the implementation of the new environmental protection policy, many brick factories have been called to stop, resulting in the higher cost of building houses for the people. The advent of the Sinoma module has solved the urgent need for ordinary people to build houses.


Module building is not only popular with the people, but its unique environmental performance is also increasingly supported by relevant national policies. In the future development of the construction industry, Sinoma EPS module will definitely be an indispensable raw material. First, the trend of environmental protection building, the construction of the Sinoma module, the hot national market is just around the corner.



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Rogers Zhang