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Shaanxi Construction Machinery assists Zimbabwe Harare International Airport Construction

Jul 18, 2019

Harare International Airport is a military-civilian airport located 12 kilometers southeast of Harare City, the capital of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the largest city in the country. It is operated and managed by the Zimbabwe Civil Aviation Authority and provides aviation services to Harare. . It is the largest and most important airport in Zimbabwe and the air force base in Zimbabwe. Harare International Airport was officially put into use on February 5, 1957. On September 22, 2017, Harare International Airport will be renamed Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. With an altitude of 1,490 meters (4,887 feet) and a runway length of 4,725 meters (15,502 feet) and a width of 46 meters (151 feet), the airport is one of the longest runways in Africa. It is currently the largest airport in Zimbabwe. Older facilities and inadequate capacity terminals have become the biggest obstacle to the airport's opening of new routes and attracting more airlines.


Recently, on the runway of the Harare International Airport runway, the machine roared, and a T8620 paver of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., which was assembled and unfolded, is steadily advancing. The newly paved asphalt runway extends far into the distance under the sun. The asphalt paved two floors have a total thickness of more than 12 cm, a width of 45 meters and a length of 1.6 km of the main runway paving and a 20,000 square meter apron. The construction period is 1 year and the maintenance is 4 years. After the asphalt paving of the runway is completed, the aircraft will be more stable and comfortable when taking off and landing, and the bumpiness will be greatly weakened.


The airport expansion will create jobs for Zimbabwe, upgrade the skills of local technicians, teach Chinese building technology and management methods, and promote the development of the Zimbabwe construction industry. However, the expansion project will require the Zimbabwean government to help solve some problems, such as slow approval procedures for design and construction drawings, insufficient local supply of major building materials, frequent power outages and shortages of talent.

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