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Siberia Fair Day

Jul 05, 2022

The two-day "Siberia Exhibition Day" was held in Siberia Park in Barnaul, the capital of Altai Krai, Russia. Weichai Lovol Construction Machinery brought FR600E2-HD, FR245E2, FL955K, FL980K and other star products to the exhibition. "Siberia Fair Day" is the largest industrial and agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition in the Altai region. Since it was held in 2011, it has attracted industrial and agricultural machinery manufacturers, distributors and well-known enterprises at home and abroad from all over Russia to participate every year. This year's exhibition is even more grand, not only attracting more than 70,000 people to come.

Good products are naturally ordered continuously. During the exhibition, new orders were added every day to refresh the record of the day. In the end, all the participating prototypes were sold out! Maxim from Novosibirsk is an old friend of Lovol. He owns various products such as Lovol excavators, loaders, and "busy at both ends". As a super fan of Lovol, Maxim traveled more than 200 kilometers this time. The train arrived at the exhibition site and showed a strong interest in the FR600E2-HD of the "Golden Hydraulic Powertrain", and said: In the previous cooperation, I had a very pleasant relationship with Lovol, and this time Weichai has blessed , The construction of the service network system makes my customers who work in the deep mountains very satisfied!

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