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Steel prices have risen steadily

May 13, 2021

Construction steel: On May 12, the average price of 20mm three-level seismic rebar in 31 major cities across the country was 6,348 yuan/ton, an increase of 2 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. In the morning market, quotations were generally stable, and the terminal purchases on demand, and market speculation was weak. At present, due to the rapid rise in prices since May, downstream terminal funds are facing greater pressure, and high-level transactions are blocked.

Hot-rolled coils: On May 12, the average price of 4.75mm hot-rolled coils in 24 major cities across the country was 6,737 yuan/ton, an increase of 94 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The spot market has a strong mentality, and the quotations of merchants continue to rise early in the morning, and the overall transaction is acceptable. In late trading, futures rose, spot market prices rose again, and high-level transactions were average. At present, the terminal has low acceptance of high prices, and it is basically on-demand procurement.

Cold rolled coil: On May 12, the average price of 1.0mm cold coil in 24 major cities across the country was 7,232 yuan/ton, an increase of 99 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Judging from the feedback from various markets, the downstream prices continue to rise and the downstream has low acceptance of current prices, and the actual shipment situation is not ideal.

Medium and heavy plates: On May 12, the average price of 20mm common plates in 24 major cities across the country was 6,601 yuan/ton, an increase of 63 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Affected by the continued increase in the external market and billet prices, the market mentality is relatively strong, quotations have been explored to varying degrees, and transactions in the mainstream market have improved. In terms of resources, due to the relatively high prices at present, traders and downstream terminals remain cautious in stocking goods. In addition, the north-south spread is small. The recent arrivals in the South China regional market are still dominated by the resources of the steel mills in the region. With the gradual destocking, most The individual specifications of the merchants are already in short supply.

Coke: The sixth round of domestic coke prices has been implemented on May 12, and the spread of dry and wet quenching prices continues to widen. In terms of coke companies, coke companies are more enthusiastic about production and are expected to continue to increase operations. In the near future, orders and shipments in the plant are relatively good, and coke inventory levels are not high; the start of blast furnaces in steel plants is relatively stable, and some coke inventories are relatively low. Stronger, the overall procurement demand is good; in terms of ports, due to environmental inspections, the operations of the two ports have been suspended from today, and the recovery time is yet to be determined. Due to the improvement of market sentiment, the trade price rose slightly by 30, and the market trading atmosphere was acceptable.

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