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Steel spot market on December 27

Dec 28, 2021

Construction steel: on December 27, the average price of 20mm grade III seismic deformed steel bars in 31 major cities in China was 4796 yuan / ton, down 47 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day. As the billet fell over the weekend, driving the spot market lower, the price of domestic construction steel continued to decline in the morning. In terms of transaction, in the afternoon, the snail continued to fall sharply, the high-level resources gradually relied on low, the trading atmosphere was cold, and the transaction performance was weak. In the short term, on the one hand, as some enterprises resume production, the output rebounds slightly, but the incremental space is relatively limited; On the other hand, due to the continued weak demand, the overall inventory decline continues to narrow, short-term or near the inflection point. From the perspective of winter storage, the current spot is much higher than that in the same period last year, and merchants mostly choose to wait and see.

Hot rolled coil: on December 27, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 major cities in China was 4803 yuan / ton, down 57 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day. At present, the incremental space of supply is limited. At the same time, affected by the traditional off-season, the overall demand is weak. Moreover, there is more than a month for the Chinese New Year. Traders basically speed up the delivery of goods and speed up the circulation and collection of resources.

Cold rolled coil: on December 27, the average price of 1.0mm cold coil in 24 major cities in China was 5470 yuan / ton, down 26 yuan / ton compared with the previous trading day. The market pessimism has spread, the spot price support is weak, and the average cold rolling price has a narrow correction. It is reported that after the price correction, the overall transaction is still not ideal, especially in markets such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou. At the end of the month, the settlement cost of steel mills is relatively low, the profits of traders are OK, and the resources of steel mills have arrived one after another. Near the Spring Festival, most merchants mainly ship goods. In the downstream, recently, due to the cold wave in many places, the downstream operation has been affected to a certain extent. Most raw materials are purchased on demand, and the willingness to prepare goods is poor.

Medium and heavy plate: on December 27, the average price of 20mm ordinary plate in 24 major cities in China was 5110 yuan / ton, down 24 yuan / ton compared with the price of the previous trading day. At the supply level, although the output rebounded in December, the follow-up power was insufficient and there was little room for recovery. The decline in orders for variety steel was obvious, resulting in the adjustment of variety structure of steel mills and the increase in the output of circulating materials, especially thick specifications. In terms of circulation, at this stage, traders are less willing to take goods speculatively. In addition to the resources of low price order locking in the early stage, the recent market arrival is mainly based on the agreed volume.

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