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The 5th IMIC International Mining Industry Conference was held in Jinan

Oct 16, 2019

On October 14-15, 2019, the 5th IMIC International Mining Industry Conference hosted by Intercontinental Media – 2019 Mining Promotion and Market Development New Opportunity Forum was held in Jinan. Business leaders from more than 300 mining equipment manufacturers, mining production enterprises, mining buyers, accessories and raw materials manufacturers from over the United States, Japan, Argentina, Australia, Nigeria and other countries at home and abroad attended the meeting.


This meeting interprets the practical problems of new industry opportunities and challenges, such as mining industry policies and development trends at home and abroad, new technologies and new technologies for mining enterprises, and conducts in-depth interactive exchanges and guidance. The meeting also explained the successful application of the latest practical technology in mining enterprises. The meeting really solved the thorny problem of “reducing production cost and improving production efficiency” for the majority of mining enterprises and enhancing their core competitiveness. On October 15th, Intercontinental Media will enter the Lingong Group together with many participating companies, visit the top 100 famous enterprises, observe the modern innovation center, and explore the intelligent equipment development and production process – understand the application of the latest 5G system in mining enterprises. And on-site inspection of the working performance of the temporary workers' equipment; to build a high-quality platform for mining colleagues to promote the vigorous development of the mining industry, help the industry to change the thinking, so as to better promote the industrial upgrading of the mining industry.


The conference included international mining experts from the United States, Japan, Nigeria, Argentina, Australia, as well as a number of domestic industry academicians and experts. Experts have interpreted the tremendous changes in China's economy since the reform and opening up, and analyzed the general situation of the rise of overseas mining investment, the new direction of the international development of mining enterprises, and the construction of green mines in the context of the upgrading of the domestic mining industry. The topic of intelligent mines, how to achieve high-quality transformation and development of specific methods and other topics to explain. At the same time, we will focus on the hot issues that are of great concern to mining companies such as cutting-edge technologies in the industry. After listening to the experts' sharing and interaction with the experts, the participants said that the participation benefited a lot, their knowledge was upgraded, and they were full of expectations for the next session. As an all-industry chain service provider in China's industrial sector, Intercontinental Media can help the mining industry to upgrade and develop and provide quality services to the industry. It has always been the pursuit of the intercontinental media service concept.


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