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The construction industry enterprise poverty alleviation meeting was held in Beijing

Jun 19, 2019

On the morning of May 8, the China Construction Industry Association held a conference on building enterprises to help the poor in Beijing. The conference focused on the construction industry to give play to the advantages of the industry and help to win the fight against poverty and mobilize and communicate in depth.


The meeting emphasized that the construction industry is an important pillar industry in China. It has a long industrial chain and a high degree of relevance. It has great advantages in solving the problem of income increase for the poor and promoting economic development in poverty-stricken areas. Large-scale backbone construction enterprises should take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of poverty alleviation, help the development of construction-related industries in poverty-stricken areas, vigorously carry out labor skills training, actively absorb the employment of poor families, and help the poor. As one of the largest social groups in the urban and rural construction system, the China Construction Industry Association has done a lot of work in implementing the regional development and poverty alleviation in the Dabieshan area. In the next step, we must give full play to the advantages of the association, closely contact relevant associations and leading enterprises, mobilize more member companies to participate, and promote the work of poverty alleviation. The construction industry should give full play to its industrial advantages, strengthen the training of construction industry workers, absorb the labor of poor families to the construction industry, enhance the "hematopoietic" function of poverty alleviation, and maximize the role of the construction industry in "one-person employment, the whole family out of poverty".


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Rogers Zhang