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The curtain of the 4th Shanghai Commodity Week is about to kick off

Oct 12, 2021

The 4th Shanghai Commodity Week hosted by Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. will be held in Shanghai in December 2021.The "14th Five-Year Plan" as the period of convergence of the "two centenary" goals is a period of accelerated reconstruction of major changes unseen in a century, and a period of realization for my country to cross the "middle-income trap" and enter the ranks of high-income countries. It is a critical period for conforming to new trends and forming a new pattern, and it is a period of deepening and transformation of China's development strategy.

In 2021, the domestic and international environment is still complicated, the shortage of global energy supply is intensified, and the uncertainty of the new crown epidemic is not conducive to the security and stability of the supply chain of bulk commodities such as steel, non-ferrous metals, and construction materials. The production control of copper smelting still needs to be strengthened, and there are signs of overcapacity in low-end copper and aluminum processing. The iron ore industry standard conditions need to be studied and formulated, and support for domestic iron ore needs to be further increased.

In addition, with the post-epidemic era's inflationary pressure and the influence of various factors, BDI exceeded 5650 points, refreshing the highest level since September 2008; the shipping price of the China-US route has seen a four-fold increase, making it difficult to find one box. This year, the bulk commodity market has also become the fiercest year of the game. Among them, Brent crude oil stood at US$84/barrel, setting a new high since October 2018; LME aluminum futures rose by more than US$3,000/ton, which is the highest since 2008. For the first time in this year, in addition, more bulk commodities such as rebar, thermal coal, coke, coking coal, ferrosilicon and silicomanganese continue to set new price records.

2021 is a very special year. Since May, the State Council has repeatedly focused on "excessive rise in commodity prices", "insured prices and stable supply", "continued tight supply and demand of domestic electricity and coal", and "cutting out power rationing in order to complete the double control of energy consumption in a surprise attack." ”And other issues, and at the same time correct the “one size fits all” cessation of production and limit production or “exercise” carbon reduction in some places, and oppose inaction and indiscriminate actions. Comprehensively implement policies to promote the smooth operation of the economy.

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