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Tire-type mobile crushing station helps urban construction waste sorting and recycling

Jul 26, 2019

Henan Xinyang Jiecheng Lvyuan Construction Waste Disposal Center purchased a complete set of tire-type mobile crushing plant equipment from Zhengzhou Zhongyi in July 2018. Up to now, the project has completed nearly 300,000 tons of construction concrete waste in less than one year. The recycling process, while helping surrounding projects to absorb nearly 100,000 tons of construction waste, the project was officially put into operation, completely making the local construction waste "reformed", from the "dumping oil bottle" in the eyes of the construction contractor into a hot hand "Taro".


In the process of recycling construction waste, in order to reduce the impact of waste concrete on the surrounding environment during the crushing and screening process, Zhengzhou Zhongyi has equipped the project with an automatic spray dust reduction system, and the site where the bricks need to be processed has been built in the field. The plant and indoor recycling processing links to reduce the dust pollution rate. The facts show that the investment production of the equipment not only solves the problem of difficult disposal of local construction waste, but also the good production environment has been recognized by relevant departments.

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Rogers Zhang