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Unmanned competition among Chinese and American construction machinery manufacturers

Jul 26, 2019

The world's two engineering machinery companies are engaged in a fierce battle around "unmanned construction machinery." Caterpillar of the United States announced the unmanned hydraulic excavator on July 5. Japan Komatsu will also launch a verification test of self-operated construction machinery with artificial intelligence (AI) in 2019. Like cars, construction machinery will also usher in a wave of technological innovation. In the context of the rising of Chinese companies, the development competition of unmanned construction machinery may affect the future market competitiveness.


On July 5, Harry Kobrak, executive director of the Caterpillar Japanese corporation, which unmanned construction machinery was unveiled at Tojo-cho, Mie Prefecture, Japan, stressed that “the digitization of construction machinery is irreversible. It will accelerate this field. Innovation." The company's new construction machinery was jointly developed with Dacheng Construction, and the distance between the truck and the dump truck was controlled by sensors, while the earthwork was loaded. After verification at the construction site, we will strive to achieve practical use after 2021.

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Rogers Zhang