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XCMG Concrete Machinery Shines in the Thailand

Dec 21, 2022

Recently, the XCMG EV EXPO Expo in Pattaya, Thailand was grandly opened. Many XCMG concrete machines were assembled in the Oriental "Hawaii" to meet the "inspection" of Thai users. At the exhibition site, the elevated XCMG HB43V white boom and the blue sky matched each other, and XCMG HZS60VY mobile station and concrete mixer truck rallied to attack, attracting many customers to stop and watch.

The former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Trairong Suwankiri, also shared the event with more than 500 users and guests on site, which attracted the attention of Amarin TV, Matichon and other mainstream media in Thailand.

Over the years, XCMG has actively seized the market opportunity to customize a variety of concrete machinery for Thai customers, which is loved by local users. Now in Thailand, there are dazzling XCMG concrete machinery everywhere. In Thailand, the construction, logistics and other industries all have the demand for cleaning operations. In this activity, the green and environment-friendly XCMG HZS60VY mixing plant attracted the attention of the whole audience once it was unveiled.

As a mixing station in many cities in Thailand, XCMG HZS60VY mobile station has become a popular product on the local environmental protection track.

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