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XCMG Motor Grader at Thailand Airport

Jul 12, 2022

In the first half of this year, after the first batch of GR2205T motor graders were sent to Thailand, XCMG's GR2205T motor grader once again won bulk orders from Thailand.

With a total investment of 529.368 billion yuan, the Suvarnabhumi Airport expansion project is one of the important livelihood projects in Thailand's "Eastern Economic Corridor" plan and the "Thailand 4.0" economic strategy. The passenger throughput of the newly expanded T2 terminal has increased to 65 million, which can effectively improve the current situation of excessive passenger flow pressure in the original T1 terminal. Two XCMG GR2205T motor graders crossed the ocean and arrived in Thailand. They fought side by side to undertake the task of leveling the runway of Suvarnabhumi Airport. They played a pivotal role in the expansion project of the T2 terminal building and helped the development of tourism in Thailand.

XCMG has been deeply cultivating the Thai market over the years, and the market share of road machinery ranks first in the industry. With reliable operation performance, efficient leveling ability and strong soil turning ability, XCMG grader GR2205T has been highly praised by the airport construction party, enabling the airport road surface with high flatness and high precision, and laying the foundation for the next compaction process . In addition, the aircraft has also participated in key projects such as the Laem Chabang port road construction project and the southern dam road construction project to promote the rapid development of Thailand's economy, improve the life happiness index of the Thai people, and promote the "Belt and Road" construction process.

With the gradual easing of the global epidemic, the opening and operation of Suvarnabhumi Airport will add wings to the rapid development of Thailand's tourism industry, and will certainly drive the economic development of the entire country. As an important partner of ASEAN and an important country in the construction of the "Belt and Road", in recent years, the content of Sino-Thai economic and trade cooperation has been continuously enriched and the fields have been continuously expanded, especially in key projects, highway infrastructure and other fields, XCMG has always played a role in the global road machinery solution. The important role of the program and play a greater value.

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