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Xugong complete sets of mining equipment exported to Africa in bulk

Jun 12, 2019

On May 29th, Xugong Group's complete set of mining equipment for export to Africa was held. Xugong large-scale complete mining machinery and equipment has won the bid for a large-scale mining project in Africa with excellent performance, high efficiency and durability. The project covers dozens of XE700D mining excavators, XDA40 articulated dump trucks, GR3505 mining graders, mining sprinklers, etc. Taiwan Xugong high-end complete sets of construction equipment.


Since the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative has gradually landed, it has greatly promoted the construction of energy resources and infrastructure, as well as urbanization and industrialization of countries along the route, directly stimulating the rapid recovery of construction machinery exports.


Xugong has been the leader of China's construction machinery industry and has entered the international market in an all-round way. It has already achieved sales in 183 countries and regions around the world, especially along the “Belt and Road”, covering 97% of countries and regions.


Xugong Mining is a strategic industry segment of Xugong Group. The large-scale open-pit mining industry has been hailed as the “crown pearl in the high-end equipment manufacturing field. With ten years of layout, Xugong has made a product concept of handicrafts with “leading technology, no use and destruction”, and has made steady progress in the international market and successfully entered the Middle East. Various mining projects in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Mongolia, and the recognition and trust of Australia in the global mining high-end market.


The successful export to Africa is another leap in the international market of Xugong Mining Machinery.



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Rogers Zhang