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Zoomlion Heavy Industry Mixing Plant is Popular in Indonesia

May 30, 2023

A few days ago, the joint commissioning and test of the Ya'an-Wan'an High speed Railway, the landmark project of the "the Belt and Road" jointly built by China and Indonesia in high quality, marked new and significant progress in its construction. In this project, more than 10 sets of Zhonglian Heavy Technology mixing plants have been efficiently put into service, with an annual output of over 3 million cubic meters of concrete, laying a solid foundation for the opening and operation of the entire line.

In recent years, Zoomlion Heavy Industries mixing plants have blossomed overseas, appearing in multiple key projects and major projects in Indonesia, providing concrete support for local construction. In another key project of the "the Belt and Road" - Wandan Expressway, Zoomlion has two sets of HZS120R container mixing plants, helping CSCEC Road and Bridge Group to steadily promote project construction.

In Bekasi, an important hub in Southeast Asia, Zoomlion Heavy Industries has two sets of HZS180 mixing plants with an annual production capacity of over one million cubic meters. Together with Yadong Cement, they continue to provide commercial concrete for urban construction; The National Green Industrial Park in North Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, and the two sets of HZS120R mixing plant equipment invested and configured by Zhejiang Liqin are fully constructing the electrolytic aluminum project.

In February of this year, Zoko Widodo, President of President of Indonesia, inspected the project of North Kalimantan Industrial Park in Indonesia. Zoomlion Container Mixing Plant stood proudly and became a beautiful scenery. President Zoko inquired in detail about the quality, performance, and efficiency of the concrete equipment constructed here, stating that Zoomlion's concrete machinery has stable quality and wide applicability, making important contributions to Indonesia's infrastructure construction.

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