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The average price of domestic construction machinery and forklift products in Japan increased by 10%

Jan 17, 2023

Recently, Komatsu's official website of Japan issued a notice of price adjustment. The object of price adjustment covers all products of construction machinery and forklift trucks in the Japanese market, as well as pure parts, diesel oil and other oils. The prices of related products are sold according to the adjusted sales prices.

Komatsu said that the company's production and sales were affected to varying degrees by factors such as global supply chain tension, raw material prices and high logistics costs. In order to realize the growth strategy of Komatsu's medium-term business plan, strengthen the multi-source procurement system of parts, make full use of cross-procurement to reduce costs, and continue to provide high-quality products and parts for customers.

In fact, on December 22, 2021, Komatsu adjusted the price of machinery in Japan's domestic market. Komatsu said: "The reason behind this price adjustment is that in addition to the further surge in raw material prices and logistics costs, there is also the impact of rising labor costs and energy costs. It is difficult to rely solely on the internal digestion of enterprises. Therefore, we decided to adjust the sales price again."

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