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Billets fell by 40, demand slowed in the off-season, steel prices were weak

Jun 16, 2021

On June 15, the domestic steel market went up and down, and the ex-factory price of Tangshan Pu's billet fell by 40 to RMB 5,020/ton. In early trading today, the black futures market generally fell, the steel market mentality was weak, and the trading volume was sluggish. Futures such as iron ore and coke strengthened in the afternoon, but the market sentiment did not change significantly.

Construction Steel: On June 15, the average price of 20mm Class III seismic rebar in 31 major cities across the country was 5,203 yuan/ton, down 11 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. From the transaction point of view, the overall transaction situation in the morning was very general. The downstream inquiries and purchases were not very active. In the late afternoon, the snails rebounded from the low level. From the current point of view, the characteristics of the off-season have clearly appeared, and signs of accumulation and demand slowdown are obvious. It is expected that this week will enter the stage of comprehensive accumulation. At the same time, the pressure of downstream payment will increase significantly after the middle of the year. It is expected that the price of construction steel may continue to be weak on the 16th. Running situation.

Hot-rolled coils: On June 15, the average price of 4.75mm hot-rolled coils in 24 major cities across the country was 5570 yuan/ton, down 34 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today, the black commodity futures market fluctuated downward, and the spot market mentality was relatively pessimistic. Early in the morning, merchants' quotations were weak and the market transactions were generally average. At present, the downstream demand is generally weak, and the speculative demand for receiving goods is not strong. It is difficult for market transactions to improve significantly. Business operations are still focused on shipments, and the short-term market is weak. On the whole, the price of hot-rolled coil is expected to fluctuate mainly on the 16th.

Cold rolled coil: On June 15, the average price of 1.0mm cold coil in 24 major cities across the country was 6,270 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. From a fundamental point of view, Baowu introduced a July futures price policy, in which the base price of Puleng remained unchanged. Although merchants revealed that there were discounts, the cost was still high. In terms of downstream demand, due to the long-term lack of chips in the automotive sector, it is difficult to show signs of recovery; the overall demand for home appliances, hardware and other industries is generally average. On the whole, domestic cold-rolled prices are expected to fluctuate weakly and run steadily on the 16th.

Plate: On June 15th, the average price of 20mm ordinary plates in 24 major cities across the country was 5549 yuan/ton, down 11 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today's futures prices fluctuated and weakened. Under the influence of this, traders are cautiously waiting and watching, and their quotations are mainly consolidating within a narrow range. In terms of supply, a rolling line of TZH resumed production last week. In the short term, the weekly output of the national medium board continued to rise, which is close to historical highs. In terms of transactions, the recent mid-market spot prices have not risen or fallen sharply, speculative demand is weak, and overall market transactions have been poor. On the whole, it is expected that the price of plate on the 16th will be dominated by a weak consolidation.

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