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Current problems in the maintenance of construction machinery

Sep 26, 2019

Generally speaking, the maintenance of construction machinery is to ensure that the machinery can operate well in the best condition during construction, reduce the occurrence of faults, and not delay the time due to mechanical reasons, affecting the progress of the project, thus achieving higher work. Efficiency, while extending the life of the machine and reducing the frequency of equipment replacement. The general maintenance methods used are cleaning, fastening, lubrication, rust removal, adjustment, oil change, and simple maintenance of performance testing. However, many times the maintenance of construction machinery has not achieved the desired results, mainly in the following aspects.


1. Pay attention to maintenance and contempt for maintenance

In most cases, the construction machinery operators only know the operation, take time to work, do not know the importance of the maintenance of the construction machinery, do not follow the plan, or even have some minor faults, it does not matter, it does not affect the work. Just like, the machine turned from a glitch to a big trouble, and even awkward, and finally had to stop the job to send for repair, replace a large number of parts, lost a lot of money, and could not restore the original performance.


2. The maintenance of construction machinery is not in place

Due to the complicated construction site conditions of various construction projects, the environment is relatively harsh, and the various pipeline trenches are confusing, and the equipment has more vehicles and more personnel, the traffic is not smooth, and the construction site is generally remote, and the construction machinery is in this way. It is difficult to maintain the scientific system in time.


3. Construction machinery maintenance personnel do not have the correct way of maintenance

Due to the lack of attention to maintenance, some of the most expensive construction machinery and equipment did not have full-time maintenance personnel in time. The people who use construction machinery are some who have not been specially trained to know a little mechanical working principle to maintain the machinery. These people are not familiar with the procedures and points of construction machinery maintenance, and do not have a good maintenance record.

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