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Application of construction machinery maintenance technology

Sep 26, 2019

1. Prevent the wear and tear of construction machinery

For construction machinery, wear is an important cause of mechanical equipment failure. According to research, more than 85% of mechanical failures are caused by wear and tear, so it is necessary to pay attention to the wear monitoring of construction machinery. When using maintenance technology, it is necessary to ensure that the maintenance technology is correct to prevent the wear of construction machinery. On the one hand, high-quality materials and manufacturing processes should be used to prevent wear and tear on the mechanical structure of the components and to ensure a reasonable mechanical structure. On the other hand, it is necessary to timely lubricate the mechanical structure, and the maintenance technology should be used flexibly to improve the maintenance level of the construction machinery.


2. Effective lubrication of mechanical equipment

Poor lubrication is also one of the causes of common failures of mechanical equipment. Many of the faults are caused by poor lubrication and mechanical structure, which causes serious wear and deformation of the mechanical structure, which causes many problems such as functional failure and performance degradation during the use of mechanical equipment. For this reason, effective lubrication of mechanical equipment is necessary. On the one hand, in the maintenance of mechanical equipment, it is necessary to ensure the suitability of the maintenance environment, to avoid the maintenance of mechanical equipment in the environment with large dust and chemical substances, and to use suitable lubricants, it is strictly forbidden to use poor quality lubricants. . On the other hand, timely check the performance and quantity of lubricants, and do regular lubrication and wear monitoring of mechanical equipment.


3. Operate construction machinery correctly

In the process of using construction machinery, the correct operation rules and procedures are the premise to ensure that it will not malfunction. Only the reasonable use of construction machinery can make the construction machinery not overload operation and prevent the illegal use of mechanical equipment. Before the construction machinery is operated, it is necessary to check whether the fuel and coolant of the construction machinery are sufficient, and to monitor whether the temperature, running speed, voltage, current and other parameters of the construction machinery are abnormal during operation, at the same time. Also, ensure that the mechanical equipment does not exceed its maximum load during operation.


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